Minika Ko is the founder and designer of her eponymous company, Minika Ko LLC.

Minika vividly recalls her childhood spent traveling with her mother and grandmother, who were both self-made entrepreneurs. She watched as they juggled family and business obligations, yet still managed to remain infallibly stylish. Taking inspiration from these strong female figures, Minika grew up to become a designer making clothing for women to kick ass fashionably. She has worked as a designer in France, Taipei, and Los Angeles, before finally calling New York City her home. Minika brings her global experiences to the world of fashion, designing with adventurers in mind — the ambitious, independent, working woman.

In addition to ready-to-wear, Minika’s atelier designs bespoke formal wear and gowns, theater costumes, dance wear, and art exhibitions.Her high performance fashion line, KOVASKY, combines high fashion with cutting-edge textiles.

The collection offers stylish and functional womenswear from business attire, evening wear, to athleisure outfits - all beautiful, comfortable and machine washable. Minika has been developing the “high fashion and low maintenance” concept and presenting new designs to the KOVASKY line at New York Fashion Week every year since 2016. The full house fashion shows represent the growth of her brand.

As a social entrepreneur, Minika created the KOllision fashion show in support of charity through collaborations of fashion, arts, and technology. The KOllision debut in September 2017 raised funding for the local soup kitchen in midtown Manhattan. In 2019, KOllision celebrated the International Women's Day and supported nonprofit Stand for Education to supply 1000 girls in South Sudan with menstrual hygiene products. 

Since she began her company, Minika has created a brand that authentically values giving back and making a positive impact. The Minika Ko team maintains a focus on serving today's power women and the causes close to their hearts.